Why Marian received a letter from GMA

Why Marian received a letter from GMA

Marian River with Kultura announces that they will release t-shirts collection of Marian and it will be launch this July 22nd.

“I’m proud to wear Kultura. As i said on my post, proud to be Pinoy, gawang Pinoy. It makes me proud.”

Even though Marian is getting busier these days after giving birth, it is very rewarding for Marian to be a Mother.

“I’m already super busy with Zia, more now with Sixto.”

“Everytime i bring Zia to school, i bring Ziggy with me. I can’t leave him with just helper at home. I’m breastfeeding him. So it’s hard to be away from him.”

When sked when will she be back in television, she said, “GMA already sent me a letter. They want me to go back to work.”

Marian said she will first do her pending endorsements, then she will be back in Tadhana and Sunday Pinasaya.

Marian was also ask about what Dingdong said in an earlier interview that they are waiting for someone before they start ‘Descendants of the Sun.’

“We talk about that, to be honest my priority now is ziggy. I can’t leave him at home to do tv series.”