Marian on Ziggy, “Palagi siyang gutom!”

Marian on Ziggy, “Palagi siyang gutom!”

The entertainment press got to interview Marian Rivera and asked her about her son Baby Sixto. “He is always hungry. I’m breastfeeding him.”

Marian said her priority now is to take care of Ziggy so she will not be doing tv series for the meantime. “It will be hard for me to do tv series, i can’t leave Ziggy for a long period of time.” She said.

Fans are rallying for Marian to do the Philippine adaptation of Descendants of the sun, opposite her husband Dingdong Dantes.

Marian truly fits the role, and it’s been 7 years since Dingdong and Marian work together for a tv series.

But if you will ask Marian, she can’t do the teleserye right now. She also has an agreement with husband Dingdong Dantes that only one of them will work at a time. So one of them can take care of their children.

“If you ask me at this point, if they will offer me the role i will not be able to do it.” She said.

We can see how happy Marian is with her life. She said the is living her dream.

“I told Dong that it still feels like a dream. It still hasn’t fully sink in to me. I’m here, i have 2 angels by my side… wow.” She said.