Why Netizens want Ziggy to grow up fast

Why Netizens want Ziggy to grow up fast

The Dantes Family recently celebrated Father’s Day. Marian posted a couple of new photos.

The number of views of Marian Rivera’s Father’s day post is increasing rapidly. She posted a photo with her husband Dingdong Dantes and son Jose Sixto Dantes IV.

Along with the photo Marian had a short but sweet Father’s Day message for Dingdong. “Happy Father’s day Mi Amor!”.

What netizens have noticed is how Ziggy is sleeping again in the photo. Some even commented that they wanted Ziggy to grow up fast. Because right now all he does is sleep.

There is only two photos of Ziggy where he is awake, most of the photos his parents share in social media he is sleeping.

All the comments from their photos are all positive. And many wishes for Dingdong and Marian to have many more children because they make beautiful babies. We totally agree with them.

Meanwhile, Korina Sanchez were given a Flora Vida by Marian flower arrangement through the CEO of Beautederm Rei Tan.

“Did you know actress Marian Rivera does these beautiful air dried flower arrangement herself? It’s her business, Flora Vida. The blooms stay ‘fresh’ for 3 years! Thanks, Marian and Beautederm’s Rei Tan for making my day.” Korina Posted.