Marian is proud Padede Mom

Marian is proud Padede Mom

Marian’s body is different compare to other women who gave birth.

Most women took years to achieve the body that they have today. But look at Marian, with just 2 months she looks like she didn’t give birth at all.

Marian is truly blessed huh, that is why all the comments are full of praises while others admit that they’re jealous of her.

Marian just laugh at people who said that she gained weught she is still very pretty.

The Kapuso Primetime Queen looks proud of what she have right now. She posted with a hashtag ‘Proud pa dede Momm’

Breastfeeding is one of Marian’s advocate so she is doing everything for her children and to give a full breastfeeding milk to Ziggy.

Meanwhile, Marian is very excited to get back to work after her 4 month long maternity leave. And after 2 months after giving birth to Ziggy.

She posted from her endorsement shoot the other day? She look glowing and so beautiful. Motherhood really fits her well.

Marian is also set to return to Sunday Pinasaya and tadhana next month. A lot of her fans is missing her so much.

Though she is coming back on TV she will not do any tv series anytime soon.