Marian, Zia and Ziggy’s gift for Dong

Marian, Zia and Ziggy’s gift for Dong

Dingdong Dantes is celebrating Father’s Day today with his wife Marian and 2 children Zia and Ziggy.

For Him being a father made him a better person. “Being a father has heightened my sensibilities a hundredfold.” he said.

He said that he accept projects now that his kida will be proud of what he does.

“All that I do, whether on-screen or off-screen, has a certain tag to it, “One day, I hope that you will be proud of what I do.”

Dong added, “As parents, we may only be instrumental in showing them the doors, but how they enter would be completely up to them.”

Dingdong said that as parents, one of his role is to make sure that his kids will become better versions of them. In their own unique ways.

He also said that his kids inspire him to strive to create projects and programs that can make this world sustainable enough so that his family, and community, can live comfortably.

Marian, Zia and Ziggy gave Dong a giant trophy that says, “Number 1 Dad!” and a photo frame of him and Ziggy.

Happy Father’s Day Dong! We love you! Thank you for all that you do.