Netizens and fans are at awe of Zia’s latest photos

Netizens and fans are at awe of Zia’s latest photos

Many fans and netizens are at awe and surprised by Zia’s latest photos. Zia who is 3 and half year’s old is now a little lady.

Many says she look like her Mama, and is the litte version of her. She recently accompanied her Mom for a shoot.

“This beautiful little one, kept her Mom company on her first day back at work.”

Here’s another photo of Zia posing for the camera.

Meanwhile, Many notices that Dingdong Dantes looses a lot of weight. He revealed that he lost a lot of weight in preparation to join the BMW Berlin Marathon in september.

Dong said that it was Kim Atienza who convinced him to join the berlin marathon. He said that theie group will fly to Germany to join.

Most of all, the reason why he wants to be healthy and fit is for his family.

“It is a vow to my family. Ever since Sixto was born i want to renew my commitment on being healthy.”

Dong said, he is very active before when Zia was born. ” i was very active when Zia was born. I want to be active again.”

“So i commited to join the marathon. It’s a reflection that you are commited on living healthy. Loosing weight is just a result.”

Marian will not be able to join Dingdong to berlin as Zia and Ziggy need her to be at home. But Dingdong said her wife ia very supportive. And will cheer him from home.