Abscbn’s broadcast renewal freezes by congress

Abscbn’s broadcast renewal freezes by congress

The franchise for broadcast of one of the Philippine’s largest station Abs-Cbn is at risk.

Because the house of representative freezes the house bill 4349 that will give Abs-cbn another 20 years to continue their broadcast.

Abs-Cbn license to broadcast is expected to expire in March 20, 2020. 9 months from now.

Philippine Star reported that the Commitee on Legistative Franchises did not make any actions last november 2016 that will give Abs-Cbn an extension.

It means they need to refile the said aw in the 18th congress.

A source said they will not action in any law that is related to Abs-Cbns renewal until they settle the complaints from President Rodrigo Duterte against the station.

“They have to thresh out and resolve their issues with the President. That’s the key to get the bill moving.” They said.

The president made a statement before that he will stop Abs-Cbn’s franchise renewal because the network cheated him in 2016 presidential elections. Supposedly Abs-Cbn did not air the TVC Campaign of the president.

President Duterte offers a comprise to Abs-Cbn. If they will help his campaign to change the government to Federalism.

Meanwhile, Abs-Cbn rival network GMA had already renewed their franchise last april 2017. That will give them another 25 years to broadcast.