Zia and Ziggy is the new dynamic duo

Fans went crazy for Marian’s youngest son’s first smile.

Marian Rivera’s one month old Baby Sixto is receiving the special attention from fans because he is too adorable.

Recently, the couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes had a lunch date with their special guests at their residence. On this occasion DongYan’s family happily took pictures.

In pictures, you can see Marian standing beside her husband Dingdong and holding her one month old youngest son in her hands. While pretty Zia was sitting on female guest’s lap.

Everybody’s attention are always at Zia and Ziggy. Baby Sixto impresses by his first smile infront of the camera. Dingdong enjoyed his son’s smiling moment. While Zia always makes fans awe of her beauty just like her Mom.

Baby Sixto was born last April 16 with endless happiness of Marian and Dingdong. Their family has received numerous greetings from their friends, co-workers and fans.

Ziggy inherited the beauty of his parents, so the netizens say he will soon become a hot boy in the future and has more fans than Marian and Dingdong.

Marian Rivera is still so beautiful even though she just gave birth to her second child not too long ago.