Zia is now a little lady

Zia is now a little lady

Time really flies.. so fast.

That is what the latest photos of Dingdong and Marian’s daughter Zia made us feel.

Marian Rivera shared a new photo of Zia on he Instagram account. Ate Zia is wearing a yellow dress, her hair is pulled back.

She look a lot like her Mom Marian Rivera.

It’s not too long ago that we celebrated Zia’s 3rd birthday. Now in 5 months, she will be celebrating her 4th birthday.

But before that, in 2 months her parents will be celebratinf their birthdays.

Meanwhile, the happiness of the couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera is complete by havig their 2 offspring, the 3 years old daughteer Zia and the almost one month old son, Baby Ziggy.

But it doesnt mean that they will settle to have 2 children. ingdong and Marian is glad because Zia feels and commit to his baby brother as a big sister.

Zia is very beautiful while her brother Ziggy is very handsome.

In a couple of months, their Mother Marian will be ready to continue and get back to her work being a Kapuso actress and host, but that is until she is sure thats his son is ready.