Spotted Dingdong and Zia at a birthday party

Spotted Dingdong and Zia at a birthday party

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s first born Maria Letizia is now 3 years old and a half. Hence Zia is in a stage where she loves exploring and learning about things.

“She’s super hyper, and she love to go outside and explore. So i just let her play and explore outside in our garden.” Marian said.

Marian is thankful for Nido 3+, hence it helps to keep Zia protected with nutrients and vitamins the milk provides. Nido 3+ is one of Zia’s endorsements.

Meanwhile, Dingdong and Zia were spotted at a birthday party recently. Because it’s school vacation Dingdong helps to keep Zia busy these days.

Dingdong expresses his admiration to his wife. He said now that they have children, Marian’s purpose in life becomes clearer.

“Now that she is a mother of two, her purpose in life becomes even clearer. I think showbiz was just a vehicle ot entry point for us, to meet eachother, got married and now we have 2 kids.” He said.

Dingdong said, from the moment he met Marian and got to know her more. He knew that the most thing that she wants to have is her own ‘Family’.

“She takes her role as a mother seriously. I admired her dedication for our kids and for our family. I will support her no matter what, and i will always love her.” He said.