DongYan’s new kilig banter on Instagram

DongYan’s new kilig banter on Instagram

The whole team of the GMA’s award-winning tv program Amazing Earth narrated by Dingdong Dantes is preparing for their 1st year anniversary.

As preparation for the anniversary special, Dingdong with the whole production crew of Amazing earth went to Palawan. They went there to personally visit the Calauit Safari Park. It is a reserve Wildfile sanctuary.

Amazing Earth inspired so many viewers for featuring nature’s natural beauty and how we can take better care of it.

“Every week, I get to explore beautiful places in our country, and most of them are definitely not easy to get to. We cross islands, climb mountains, hike forests, and walk through sand dunes and grasslands.

Quite challenging but I definitely embrace them just to deliver amazing stories about humanity, animals, our beautiful planet earth. How all of these should co-exist with one another.” Dingdong said.

Meanwhile, Marian and Dingdong has a new kilig banters on Instagram.

Dingdong posted, “I really enjoy exploring our country. The preparation, journey and discoveries broaden and deepen my perspective of the world. I come out of these adventures with so much satisfaction; and to be able to share them makes it all the more rewarding.

So, may your own discoveries bring you fulfillment and enjoyment too as you course through the adventures of life.”

Marian commented, “Guapo Naman! Mine!”. Dingdong replied, “The watch or me?”.