Mommy and Me time while Ziggy is sleeping

Mommy and Me time while Ziggy is sleeping

Marian is so blessed for still being so beautiful and sexy as she seems to have never given birth a month ago,

After a month of giving birth to her second baby, Marian Rivera had his first appearance to social media.

Her looks like she did not give birth, doesn’t seem she has a post-pregnancy body. Wow as in seems nothing happened.

Even in her first baby, Zia, who was a three-year-old, Marian was able to maintain her body shape, unlike other women who gained so much weight during and after pregnancy.

It will take time, a year for their body to return to its non-pregnant state or back to normal. But for Kapuso actress, there’s no such thing. She’s so blessed.

Meanwhile, Marian shared a new photo with Ate Zia. While Ziggy is sleeping Zia is having a Mommy and Me time with Marian.

With 2 kids now, and with a new born, it’s pretty hard to balance how you will divide your time to your kids.

Marian seem adjusting well. While Ziggy is sleeping she spent some cuddle time with Ate Zia.

She caption, “love love love with ate Z habang tulog si baby boy.”