As if she didn’t give birth: Marian is super sexy again

As if she didn’t give birth: Marian is super sexy again

The latest picture of Kapuso Primetime Queen, Marian Rivera, appeared in social media.

Well, it’s just about one month since she gave birth to baby Ziggy or Jose Sixto Dantes IV, doesn’t seems she has a post-pregnancy body

What is Marian’s secret that even during her pregnancy, there are no dark spots or signs of a pregnant woman and here, after just a month, she’s still beautiful and sexy?

Tristan Cheng of Triple-A posted a picture of Marian. And it’s captioned, “Marian Rivera is back! Seems she didn’t give birth.

It does not matter what Marian did, but we guess this has something to do with her endorsement.

Marian looked at the caption and said “I’m still not coming back! Just for today! It’s because of Ateng (Rams David).

It was confirmed by Marian’s manager that Marian will be back doing her endorsement schedules starting next month.

While it’s possible that Marian will return to Sunday Pinasaya and Tadhana starting July. Marian taped special segments for Kapiko last week to be aired in Sunday Pinasaya.

So we will get to see her earlier than July. Marian took a break from her showbiz commitments 4 months ago.