Will Marian let Ziggy ride a motorcycle?

Will Marian let Ziggy ride a motorcycle?

An international photography studio ‘Storkstudio’ did Ziggy’s first pictorial.

They wrote on their official Instagram account how thankful they are to The Dantes Family for trusting them.

“This is the photo I’ve been dreaming of doing
since I started shooting newborns years ago. Thank you Dong Dantes for making this dream come true!

Thank you Marian Rivera for making this happen! Please note that this photo was done with the baby being safe and held at all times and never left alone.

We take baby safety seriously at Stork Studio and would never compromise on that. We are the founding member of Professional Newborn and Baby Photographers of the Philippines.

Dingdong also shared a photo of Ziggy in a ducati.

“One day you’ll hone it and make it your own unique talent and characteristic — even far better than your forefathers.

But if you’ll seriously want to ride, i’ll make sure i am healthy enough to teach you a thing or two. That is, if your Mother would even allow it.”

Marian response to the post with, “Isipin ko! Hahahaha ingat sa taping love you!”

Now that Ziggy is one month old, many are asking when will ge get baptized. We will find out soon.