Marian on Ziggy’s good looks “Siempre nag mana sa Ama!”

Marian on Ziggy’s good looks “Siempre nag mana sa Ama!”

Not too long ago, Sunday Pinasaya got to talk to Marian through phone. It was the first and the only interview that Marian granted. They also got to talk to Dingdong and Zia and ask them about Baby Ziggy.

Just like Zia, we can already see Ziggy’s good looks at his earlu age. “Ofcourse, he got it from his Dad.” Marian proudly say.

People are used to seeing Marian and Zia wearing twinning clothes. Will Dingdong and Ziggy wear twinning clothes too?

“I think they will but, twinning helmet.” Marian said. Dingdong love motorcycle, we are pretty sure he will teach Ziggy to ride one someday.

From a dozen children to 4 children, Marian and Dingdong wants to have a big family. But when Marian was asked about their plan to have another baby she answered, “We’ll see.” is her only answer.

“My hands are already full with these two. (Zia and Ziggy. I will breath first before we add a new one.

Marian also thanked her fans and supporters. “I thanked everyone who’s been praying and for loving our family. Thank you for praying for me and Ziggy’s safety.”

“Don’t worry, i will just take a rest for now and take care of my youngest Ziggy. But i will definitely return to Sunday Pinasaya soon.”