Dingdong Dantes talks about his Wife Marian’s sacrifices

Dingdong Dantes talks about his Wife Marian’s sacrifices

Its been three weeks after Marian Rivera gave birth to their second baby with Dingdong Dantes, Jose Sixto Gracia Dantes. But Dingdong have so much respect for Marian, he doesnt know how to repay her.

“I want to compensate Marian’s sacrifice when she gave birth to our second child.” Dong said. “I cant think how she risk her own life for Sixto, she went through 10 hours of labor. Aside from that she carry Sixto for nine months inside her. So when Marian is good to go, I will do anything whatever she wants, to pamper her.”

We remember, few months after Marian give birth to Ate Zia, the first thing they do is to go to their favorite place, “The Farm at San Benito, Lipa Batangas. Then, they frequently brought Zia at the beach, they all love going to the beach. So its no wonder that they will go to the beach again with thei new baby boy Sixto.

Dingdong is preparing for his new tv series, the Philippine adaptation of Korean drama Descendants of the Sun.

Dingdong denied it when he signed his renewal contract with GMA-7, that he dont care whoever he will be partnered with in the series. He is more concerned about the story, the character of each cast, or the program as a whole.

This will be the third Korean drama adaptation that Dingdong will be starred in with GMA 7. The first one is Stairway to Heaven where he was partnered with Rhian Ramos, and Endless Love whom hes been partnered with his wife Marian Rivera.