Ate Zia and friends enjoying their playdate

Ate Zia and friends enjoying their playdate

Last April 16, Dingdong Dantes happily announce the birth of his son with wife Marian Rivera-Dantes. They named him Jose Sixto Dantes IV, his nickname is Ziggy.

“We are still making adjustments but we are very happy.” Dingdong said.

Dingdong has so many dreams for his son, but he is most excited to see Ziggy as a student and going to school when he’s old enough.

“I’m excited to see him to go to school, and interacting with friends, playing basketball.”

Zia love to play the drums and Dingdong can’t wait to teach his son to plah the drums too. He said even though he is not an expert, he will teach his son of what he knows.”

Meanwhile, Ate Zia invited her schoolmates for a playdate last saturday. Marian personallt cooked and prapared meals, activities,games and toys for them. It looks like a birthday party. Zia even has give aways for her friends.

Marian later on shared a photo of Zia with her friends, and a video is uploaded on Instagram where Zia and her friends are enjoying the slides.

Zia can be seen jumping around. She’s so happy. Soon enough baby Ziggy will be playing with her.