Dingdong describe Marian in one word

Dingdong describe Marian in one word

Dingdong Dantes recently did a fast talk with GMA News and Public Affairs.

He was asked, “One word that best describes you.” “Me, hmm passionate.” Dingdong answered

It’s been a week since Marian gave birth, how is he holding up?

“Well I am so excited and we are still adjusting. Our house is full of happiness, it’s never been this happy.” He said.

What is his advice to your 20 years old self? “I hope, you learned to play basket ball better. Your game sucks. I hope you teach your kids or let his uncles that are great at it teach him.

What is the most dangerous thing Dong ever done in his life?

“Maybe it’s the one where I cross the motor in the stop light without a helmet. It was a long time a ago maybe in the 90’s, I ain’t see it and I went through it.” He said.

One word that describes Marian. “Shes very affectionate.”

In other news it was announced that Jennylyn Mercado, Rocco Nacino and Jasmine Curtis will join Dingdong as lead cast for Descendants of the sun.

Though fans are requesting that Marian will play the lead role as Dr. Kang opposite Dingdong. It is impossible right now as Marian just gave birth last April 16.