Dantes Family live interview in Sunday Pinasaya

Dantes Family live interview in Sunday Pinasaya

Sunday Pinasaya got to interview Marian live last sunday. “Marian, how are you doing? we miss you. Wow Ziggy is so handsome.” Aiai said.

“Ziggy is trully handsome and many people ask, call and commented on our facebook about you. They want to know about you, how you are doing?” Jose asked.

Marian couldn’t answer right away because Dingdong is making her life. “Dingdong is making me laugh, my son name is Jose, he said people with Jose in their name is handsome.”

“You know Dong, that is the best decision you ever made. Naming Ziggy Jose.” Jose said.

“You are right, it is one of the good decision i ever make.” Dingdong answered.

As Jose ask Dingdong how is it to have a son, Zia suddenly spoke and said Hi. “Hi Ninang Aiai!”

Aiai was so surprised, “Oh my baby!” Aiai asked Zia, “Hello baby, did you see your baby brother? Zia how do you feel now you have a baby brother? are you happy?”

“Im so happy!” Zia answered. Then Jose asked Zia “Your baby brother look like tito Jose right?” Aiai interfered, “Nooo, but Baby Zia, you look like ninang Aiai right?” Zia answered, “Yeah!”.

Aiai slaps Jose and said, “You heard that, a kid doesn’t lie.”

Here’s the first part of the interview.