Marian’s father reaction to seeing his second grandchild

Marian’s father reaction to seeing his second grandchild

Marian Rivera shares the first close up photo of her son Jose Sixto G. Dantes IV on her instagram account.

“Before, we dreamed of having another child. 3 years later, we asked and God gave us another one.

To have a son is an answer to our prayer. That is why my heart is overflowing with grattitude for this blessing.

I thought i will not be able to make it (giving birth) but because of the support and prayers from our family, especially from the people who love us, i was able to overcome it. Thank you very much.

Now that Jesus has risen, this day remind us that we are a blessing to eachother from the Lord. Happy Easter. This easter is probably my happiest easter because of Dong, Zia and Sixto. They are my life.”

Marian also shared a screencaptured of her conversation with her father who lives in Spain.

He wrote, “How are you all happy? I hope you are very happy because your happiness is mine (my happiness.) I love you, congratulations to Dong. I love you.”

Marian replied with her dad with, “Thank you Papa, I love you.” In spanish.

SeƱor Javier is probably excited to meet his first grandson. Hopefully he will get visit soon to see his grand children.