What stresses Marian?

What stresses Marian?

Marian Rivera-Dantes answered some of the most asked questions to her last sunday. What things tresses Marian?

“Stress? Nothing really.. maybe when my tummy is itchy? But it doesn’t stress me really. I can’t say it stresses me.” She said.

Does Zia stresses her sometimes? “Well, i know that she’s very active and hyper. I’m well aware, it’s not something new to me. There are strategies i can do so i won’t get stress out.”

What is your healthy diet tips?

“I really don’t have a healtht diet tips. I just eat fish, proteins, meat, i eat more vegtables. I put malunggay on everything even if malunggay is not needed.”

What is Marian’s preparation for baby no. 2?

“I love reading about what can you expect on having a toldler child and a newborn child. What can i expect having them both. And i also watch youtube videos about it. I also prepared and organized everything my baby boy will need.”

Do you ask tips from your Mom, in-laws and friends?

“Yes and they very important, especially they been through what i’m going through now. It helps me, i asked my Mom, grandma, Dong’s Mom and her sister, maybe i can learn something from their experience.”

Marian is due to give birth anytime now.. everyone is anticipating the birth of baby boy dantes.