Baby Boy kicking inside Mama’s tummy

Baby Boy kicking inside Mama’s tummy

Don’t be surprised that Marian Rivera-Dantes is planning to have 2 more kids after her baby boy with husband Dingdong Dantes.

She haven’t got any particular gender in target because she already have Zia their eldest child and currently pregnant with a baby boy.

Marian is an only child and born in the Philippines having a Filipino mother and a Spanish father. The actress admitted that she always wondered how it is to have siblings.

Her husband Dingdong have brothers and sisters.

Marian recently received the the Bert Marcelo Lifetime achievement award on Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation (GMMSF).

Bert was a popular TV host in the 80s and have a trademark laugh that any other TV host can do.

Meanwhile, Marian recently did her Maternal photoshoot with husband Dingdong and daughter Zia.

In one clip shared by Marian’s close friend Teena Baretto. We can see Baby boy moving or kicking inside Marian’s tummy.

If you look closely on Marian’s tummy you can see baby boy moving or kicking. After the shoot Marian gently rub the side of her belly where baby boy was kicking.

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Ang likot! 😍

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