Ate Zia fearlessly riding a horse

Ate Zia fearlessly riding a horse

The Dantes Family recently went to a field trip in Laguna. The Dantes Family had fun out and about in the sun and Ate Zia enjoyed it the most.

Zia got all excited with the activities. As Zia was gearing up to ride the Zipline she was so excited. You can see how excited she is with her facial expression.

She also listen carefully to her Dad’s instruction to hold on and don’t let go. After finishing zipline Zia was still holding on and won’t let go. Even if the instructor told her to let go. Only when her Dad came ane told her it’s ok to let go that she let go holding on the rope.

Ate Zia also enjoyed riding the horse. Ate Zia even requested the guide to make the horse run.

She fearlessly ride a running horse. Ofcourse Ate Zia’s guide was beside him running as well. Holding on Ate Zia’s foot.

But Zia was riding the horse alone. She is such a brave little girl. She is very adventurous just like her parents.

The Dantes Family was glad to be able to participate in the family day and spent quality time together. Soon they will be a family of four.