Daddy Dong is excited to build this for his baby boy

Daddy Dong is excited to build this for his baby boy

Dingdong is glad that Zia is currently at her curiosity stage now and asking things like religion.

Marian is sad to give birth in a few weeks, so Dingdong shouldn’t go anywhere far within Metro Manila.

“It is drawing near so I shouldn’t go anywhere otherthsn the vicinity of Metro Manila,” He said while smiling.

Up until now, they still haven’t chose s name for their baby boy. But they are deciding down to two names.

As for preparation, they took some load off work and they would be staying at the boy country on holy week.

Marian recently posted a series of videos of Dingdong unboxing the new bed for their baby boy.

Daddy Dong is excited to build it for his baby boy. “Someone is excited to build the bed of our baby boy.” Marian posted.

Meanwhile, the Persian Avenue is owned by the brother duo Arjhay and Paolo Laid of Angeles Pampangga. In a span of 4 years, they manage and able to create 49 branches nationwide and their target for 2019 is to have 150 branches.

Dingdong is proud to be chosen as the brand ambassador of the said food store and he plan to have his own franchise of the store one day. He added that he patronize it before he even became an ambassador of Persian Avenue.