Dingdong on endorsing products as a family

Dingdong on endorsing products as a family

Dingdong is the perfect endorser for Persian Avenue because he loves to eat beef.

Even before he became an ambassador of Persian Avenue. Dingdong’s favorite is beef wrap by the said company and I’m sure it taste really great for Dingdong to like it.

Dingdong is known as a foodie so he is very credible to endorser and he already patronizing products of Persian Avenue.

I love Dingdong because there are truth in advertising in all te products he endorse.

Dingdong, Derek Ramsay and Piolo Pascual are the endorsers of Dunkin Donut. They overload the visual and sexiness on their billboard and TV commercial that I’ve seen.

Dingdong is currently a solo endroser for Persian Avenue, Ive never seen a man who looks so sexy while eating beef wrap but him.

Lets buy products of Persian Avenue, lets believe on Dingdong that th product he’s endorsing will taste great.

Meanwhile, Zia have an endorsment with her mother.

If ever, will it be okay to Dingdong to endorse with his wife and kid?

“Of course, that would be nice,” he answered quickly.

“When Zia was one year old, we do a project together. Of course, it would be really nice if you work with your lovd ones right?.”

“That would be very nice, if it happen again to us.”