Zia Dantes is now learning how to write

Zia Dantes is now learning how to write

In a Vietnamese website Maria Gracia Dantes is presented as the most beautiful child in all Asia.

In a young age, Zia have her own identity, compare to her famous parents Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera.

“She’s really a completely different person.She have her own character and personality. Its nice, she is herself,” boast by her father Dingdong Dantes.

Due to Zia’s bubbly personality, it is possible that she will also enter the world of showbiz.

But will her parents allow it or should she be in commercials for now?

He said, “We cant tell for now, But when she grow up, wherever she want to go, we will be there, To support her.

“But the important thing we want her to do, is to finish her studies first. Well, for example last night, the conecept of her story is given, She likes to be read a story.

So like last night, before we sleep, we have nine days novena for Marian’s delivery, for her safety, so she is very curious about what we are doing.

“we told her, ‘ It’s prayer, its the rosary and then, we explain to her why we are doing it. Her curiosity to listen is there. And she understand the importance of the story.

“The great thing is, shes already in that stage of her childhood. ore than knowing other thing, I think its best to keep her grounded and to make her know what a religion is before anything else.”

Ate Zi is also learning how to write now. At age 3 her writing is already clear. Good Ate Zia!

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Good Job Ate Zia!

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Her Mama is so proud!