Ate Zia putting make up to Daddy Dong

Ate Zia putting make up to Daddy Dong

Within next month is the expected due date of Dingdong Dantes wife Marian Rivera to give birth to their second baby, a baby boy.

So their first born three- years old Zia will soon be an Ate. Zia is a celebrity endorser now at a young age like her equally popular parents.

Dingdong shared at the press who attended the launch. That Zia’s money earned from her endorsements were trasnfer directly to her personal savings account. Which she can get when shes at the right age.

Due to Marian’s situation where she could give birth within a week or so. Dingdong cant go outside Manila b ecause he wants to be with Marian always when she give birth.

“More than me and Marian, Zia is super excited for her baby brother,” the actor shared.

Meanwhile, Dingdog posted an adorable video of Zia and him playing make-up. Zia were applying eyeshadow on her Daddy. Dingdong gamely let Zia put make-up on her.

After putting eyeshadow, Zia then added lipstick.

Here’s the finish product.. so adorable!

His teleserye already ended in GMA so now he have a lot of time to focus on Marian and her near delivery.