The Dantes Squad holy week plan

The Dantes Squad holy week plan

Dingdong Dantes is set to do the philippines adaptation of a korean action movie. He just finished the shoot for the movie poster last week.

“Yes, we will start soon, we already had our photo shoot for the movie poster the other day.” He said.

Dingdong said he’s excited to do the movie, when asked if he will have a leading lady, dingdong answered, “I don’t think so.”

How much action are we talking about in this movie? Will it have a lot of shooting scenes?

“Action, suspense, comedy. There bits of comedy here and there so its very exciting.” Dingdong answered.

Director Laurence Fahardo. Will direct the movie. “We will start taping it after Marian give birth. Of course I need to be there with her at all times for now. I’ll anticipate her delivery.”

Dingdong wants to be home because Marian’s due date is very near.

“I take off some load from work, and I want to be at home as frequent as possible because any moment she can go into labor.”

So this Holy Week, The Dantes Squad will be staying at home.Holy Week takes place April May 16 May 20.

Dingdong said there will not be going anywhere and just stay at home. Since Marian will probably give birth before holy week.

We can already feel the excitement and anticipation!