The reason why Marian let Zia do things on her own

The Kapuso Primetime Queen will give birth this summer to her baby boy with Dingdong and they are preparing the coming of their child this early.

“Actually, we alreaady think of two names. But he’s (Dingdong) still weighing it in and asking for a sign from Lord of which one will it be. But for me, im okay with any of the two names, im okay with it.” said Marian when interview by some of the entertainment media.

In fairness, even though she’s pregnant with her second child. Marian is still very sexy that’s why people ask what will be her next diet this time.

“Of course, but for now, I am more discipline, unlike when i was pregnant with Zia. When they said no, its really no. For example, I shouldn’t eat chips, or eat too much chocolate. This time I eat some.”

Marian feels that their second baby is much bigger, “Sometimes, its too much like, ‘ Baby,’ i flatuent him.”

I said to Dong, ‘Dad, he still in my tummy, but hes already times two of Zia. What more if he comes out?’ But its okay. As I said, its really priceless. He will grow anyways, and their childhood will end eventually.

“So it is very important to me and this is really my dream, to have many children. Because I am an only child.” Marian said.

Marian got the result of the 4D ultrasound scan where she saw the 3d images of their baby, “When saw the 4d, We can really tell that he looks a lot like Dong! Even the jaw, I said to them, ‘ You guys again, its always you who have a look-alike.”, Marian laugh.

Marian also talked about raising Zia.”While it is normal for parents to say no to their kids, out of concern for their health and safety.

“It must be considered that by saying yes to these activites that imporatnt strides in their cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical deveopment are met.” said the Child Development and Education Specialist, Lexie Estacio.

According to Marian, “It is not easy, but I believe that Zia will learn a lot of thing, by letting her do things on her own, not just about the world around her but also about herself. Thats why I really search for a pre-school milk that can keep up with Zia. Now I am more confident to let Zia go and play.”

Very well said Marian.