Marian and Zia: Like mother like daughter

It looks like that someone is about to follow Dingdong Dantes’ footstep. Not only that but his good looks as well.

According to his wife Marian Rivere, their baby boy is a mini Dingdong Dantes. After they saw his feature via 4D ultrasound scan.

Marian said their baby boy got Dingdong’s features like her jawline. When Zia was still a baby many said she look like her father.but now Zia looks like her Mother, Marian Rivera.

With the 4D ultrasound scan of their baby boy, he is definitely look like her dad. It’s a dream come true for Marian because ever since she wants to have a little Dingdong.

Unlike Zia, their baby boy seem shy as he keeps hiding his face during the 4D ultrasound scan. Marian said, their baby boy keeo puting his hands on his face. He only show his face after she asked him to let them see him.

Meanwhile, Zia’s new endorsement posted a new photo that remind us a lot of her Mom. Looks familiar?

Here’s why, 12 years ago her Mama played a role that changes her life forever. It’s where her Mama met her Daddy as well, and rest is history.

Here’s the iconic, Marimar and Fulgoso.

We can definitely see Zia following her Mother’s footstep. Here’s the photo side by side.