Marian Rivera reacts to comment on her Instagram

Marian Rivera reacts to comment on her Instagram

Snow Skin Whitening uploaded a video of Marian Rivera reacting to some of the comments from her Instagram account.

Snow Skin Whitening is one of Marian’s many endorsements. Marian is endorsing Snow Crystal White Tomato Tablet. Formulated with scientifically enhanced, naturally-derived ingredients.

Marian read some comments from her Instagram and commented, “Wow thank you so much for praying our family. It’s true that my dream is to have more children.”

“I appreciatw them, for praying and wishing well for me and Dong and most specially for Zia. It makes my heart full. God bless you.”

In another one, Marian said, “We want to share to our fans that this is our family. We want to share our vacation, we are so in love with Zia and we want to share that with them.”

Then Marian thanked everyone for their lovely comments. “Thank you so much for your lovely comments. It makes my heart full. I hope you will not get tired of supporting us.”