Dingdong hugot lines for Marian on Instagram

Dingdong hugot lines for Marian on Instagram

Dingdong Dantes hugot lines for his wife Marian Rivera on Instagram is the best thing ever.

He got the best comments on Marian’s Instagram that will surely make you smile and kilig. Dong knows the pefect thing to say to make his wife kilig and so as the fans.

Here’s one, when Marian posted her new endorsement Canesten. She captioned, “Patayin ang fungi.  Grateful to be part of  Bayer Family, thank you for trusting me.”

Dingdong commented Marian’s beauty is to die for, “Pamatay ang iyong kagandahan!” Marian replied,  “Kinilig ako!”

Here’s another one when they watched the movie deadpool.

Dingdong said, “Dead na Dead sayo @MarianRivera.” Marian replied and told Dong to not let anybody else know, “Ano ba wag mo ipaalam sa iba!”

And another one, When Marian posted a photo of herself. Dingdong commented if he can kiss her. “Pa kiss nga!”

They are so sweet, Dingdong and Marian dated for 6 years before getting married, they are now married for 4 years and counting.

They even become sweeter after getting married. It’s like they are still in courting stage. DongYan are expecting their second child this year. A baby boy! A little Dingdong!