Marian’s biggest challenge on her second pregnancy

Marian’s biggest challenge on her second pregnancy

The press people recently got to interview Marian Rivera-Dantes. They asked her about her second pregnancy and update about her baby boy.

The first question was what is the biggest challenge for her. “He is heavier and bigger compared to Zia.” She said.

So it that means Marian eats a lot? “Yes!” She confirmed.

Does she feel her baby moving and kicking now in her tummy? She said “Not just feel, sometimes it hurts. He is already very active on my tumy.” She said.

She also told Dong how active their baby boy is. “I told Dong, Dad he’s still in my tummy but he’s very active already. What more when he comes out.”

But Marian said it’s ok because it’s priceless and it’s her dream. “Eventually they will grow up. What’ important is this is my dream, to have many children. I’ll do everything for them.

When asked if they are receiving endorsement offers for their baby boy already, Marian don’t want to answer the question. “Next queastion please.”

In other news, Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Marian said they will just go to dinner.

They don’t have plans to go out of town to celebrate valentine’s. Since Marian’ due month is also nearing.