Marian and Dong has one condition for Zia before if she wants to join showbiz

Marian has one condition for Zia before if she wants to join showbiz

It seem that Zia want to be an artista as welk just like her parents Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes.

Dingdong and Marian will fully support Zia if ever but they have one condition.

“Well whatever she wants, we will give it to her. Me and Dong will support her but she needs to finish her study first like me.”

Does it have to be college?

“I started my career when I finish college so yes, it will be like that for her too.” Marian said.

What if she doesn’t want to be stopped? Earlier, she didn’t want to exit, its like ‘this is my presscon.”

“Right. I told her earlier, “After this, you will exit. You will go to the mall with lola amy or you will play ok?.” she said,”I dont like to exit.”

She was entertained. It seems like she really like it and it seems shes unnstoppable.

“Why cant we stop her? is she greater that us?” Marian said.

You’ve been there, cant she start when she finish highschool instead of college?

“College.” Marian firmly answered.

Marian’s preparation when she was pregnant with Zia is different than now. What are the differences?

“It is the same, except that I am more discipline when I was pregnant with Zia. When they said im forbidden, i am forbidden. For example, I am forbidden to eat chips or too much chocolate, but now I taste it from time to time.”