How Marian is preparing for her new baby

How Marian is preparing for her new baby

Maria Letizia’s first presscon for her new endorsement with her Mom Marian Rivera was a success.

Zia was so game from doing photo ops to answering questions during the interviews. She even asked the audience some questions herself.

She is indeed not just beautiful she is very smart as well.

After showing her new commercial to the audience and the press, she asked “do you like my commercial?.” she even requested to see her commercial again.

Ofcourse Marian did not answer any questions about her and Zia’s talent fee. Because it is very confidential.

But she said that she was like the director of Zia during the TVC. Zia followed her instructions so well.

Marian also mentioned that she is ready for her baby boy with Dingdong Dantes. She even said she save a lot this time.

Because they received a lot of gifts for Zia. They haven’t even use most of it. So they can definitely use it for baby boy.

“I check all the gifts given to Zia before. And a lot of things are still unused. There’s a crib, car seat and many more. I will just use them for my second baby.”

Marian will be giving birth to their baby boy this summer.