Marian Rivera’s lava walk pregnant version

Marian Rivera’s lava walk pregnant version

“Its soon!” is the only answer that Dingdong Dantes manager give us when we asked about Marian due date on her pregnancy.

They really dont know how many months left before the Kapuso Primetime Queen will gave birth to their second baby but they said it will be soon.

Dingdong said that he is thankful because after their box-office success ofFantastica. Plus positive feed back of Cain at Abel, 2019 is a great year for him.

Although they didn’t got the chance to share Dingdong’s new endorsement which fits him really well, because its Dunkin Donuts, so its DD on DD.

Dingdong took his beautiful wife for a date night yesterday. He even posted a clip of Marian doing her own version of Lava Walk.

Meanwhile, there are other fans that text us on our radio program in DZRH that they werent entertained by Dingdong’s participation on Fantastica. because he looks like just a supporting actor to Vice Ganda.

We deliver this message to PPL whom handle Dingdong’s career, but they said that the Kapuso Primetime King is so happy to be a part of the said movie.

A new friendship is born between Vice Ganda and other co-stars like Ryan Bang and more.

From the start, they are all aware that the movie is for Vice.

And they are happy about Dingdong’s relation to Star Cinema. That is why there are new projects in line for him.

We found out that there are a lot of people who like Dingdong and Angelica Panganiban’s tandem.

We dont know if Star Cinema gathered a survey, but even though they work together in 3 movies. Dingdong and Angelica are still choosen to be in a new movie project.