Dingdong Dantes to do another movie with Star Cinema

Dingdong Dantes to do another movie with Star Cinema

Dingdong Dantes is fine having Angelica his movie partner again. Eventhough they already work together in 3 movies: Segunda Mano (2011), one Moree Try (2012). and The Unmarried Wife (2016).

But the decision is on Star Cinema, because they know whats the best role to give to Dingdong.

For now, the actor is focused on hi series with GMA Cain at Abel and to hiswife Marian Rivera whos going to give birth to their baby boy soon.

By the way, Dingdong was welcomed last Januray 10 as a new ndorser of Dunkin Donuts at Fairmont Hotel.

He is added as an ambassador with Derek Ramsay and Piolo Pascual.

They shoot the TVC last year and Dingdong is happy that Derek and Piolo gives him a warm welcome.

If Dingdong is going to transfer at the Kapamilya Network, where Coco Martin is the King of prime, what will his place there be?

GMA Network allowed him to work on movies at Star Cinema.

Isnt that enough for him to be happy and contented?

dingdong has the best of both worlds-good TV exposure and good pay in GMA-7, and good movie exposure in Star Cinema.

He can also produce his own shows and movies. Everything is great right?

Remember last year when Dunkin Donuts have an issue about taxes and when it comes to situations like this, even though they didn’t want to the endorsers were also affected.

Notice, aside from being top actors, all of them have a child.

Ony Dong were married, who will be next between Derek and Piolo?