Dingdong, Derek and Piolo’s new TVC

Dingdong, Derek and Piolo’s new TVC

Dingdong Dantes is the newest brand ambassadors for Dunkin Donuts.

Meet Dunkin Donuts Brand Ambassadors! 3 of the country’s most sought after actors, in demand endorsers and ultimate “dream casting coup”!

Dingdong Dantes joins Derek Ramsey and Piolo Pascual as the new endorser of Dunkin Donuts.

Furthermore, together with Derek and Piolo , Dingdong unveil their newest Dunkin Donuts commercial at the DD Bar launch presscon tonight in Makati city.

“Thank you to the newest addition to Dong’s growing family. Thank your for the warm welcome Papa P, Derek and Dunkin!” Dingdong’s manager posted.

Check out the commercial below:

In other news, Zia’s endorsments are standing by according to the spoiler that her mom Marian Rivera post on Instagram. She captioned it with:

“When your child reach 3 years old, they will be at their peak? It seems like it because she love to explore. That is why we are glad that we have partner helping to keep Zia protected. Look out.. @Basta3YearsNa,” Marian captioned.

With Zia’s endorsements and with her age, hence manu people think she is the youngest celebrity daughter millionaire.

Because within a few months after she’s born, she already have endorsements with her parents.

Dingdong and Marian are very careful when choosing Zia’s endorsements. Because it’s not about the money for them. It’s about the product.

They will only endorse products that they truly trust.