Take a peek of Marian Rivera’s Flora Vida by Marian’s office

Take a peek of Marian Rivera’s Flora Vida by Marian’s office

Marian Rivera recently posted a photo of the new look of Flora Vida by Marian’s office.

Flora Vida means ‘Living Flower’. Because Marian specialized in Preserved arrangement. Where their flowers are preserved and will last longer than fresh flowers.

Furthermore, It is Marian’s dream and passion to share with you the joy and positivity she feels from being surrounded by beautiful flowers while making her Flora Vida creations.

It is Marian’s hope that her humble Flora Vida creations can bring happiness to your home and to your loved ones.

Flora Vida will also be releasing new collections and products thiz 2019.

“Hola 2019! 12 new chapters, 365 new chances. The best time for new beginnings is now. This 2019, Flora Vida By Marian will be releasing even more ‘blooming’ and exciting new collections and products.”

All of Marian’s creation is home made, hence she arranged and prepared them at her home office. She recently shared a photo of herself, giving a glimpse of her office.

“Here’s a tip for working moms! Kelangan humanap ka ng partner you can trust gaya ng Wilkins Distilled. Safe na ang pamilya mo, makakatutok ka pa sa business mo. Like me, you can be a mom and more.”

In her post we can see glimpses of Marian’s beautiful arrangement.