Vice Ganda revealed something about Richard and Dingdong

Vice Ganda revealed something about Richard and Dingdong

The issue between Dingdong and Richard’s beef before is not true.

One of the considerable highlights of 2018 MMFF movie of Vice Ganda ‘Fantastica’ is the collaboration of two idols. Leading men Dingdong Dantes and Richard Guiterrez.

We can recall that before the movie, there has been a speculation that there is a misunderstanding between the two actors. Due to working together in a movie at their previous network.

but according to Vice, the rumors aren’t true. In fact the two actors Richard and Ddingdong were really close at the set of Fantastica.

“They are close together. It is far beyond to what other people think that they have beef with eachother. Richard is fine with Dingdong and Dingdong is fine with Richard.” said Vice in an interview with PUSH and entertainment bloggers.

Vice mentioned that even she herself was suprised at how close those 2 two are and it seems like they were old friends.

“I myself were suprised because I assumed they they only know eachother but they were not close. My own eyes saw that they talk to each other as best friends,” Vice said.

“They are so close, its really nice to see it, thats why our set went really smooth. No pressure, no anything and we enjoy it.” She added.

For now, the entries in MMFF 2018 are still showing that will still air in the cinemas until the 7th of January.