Sneak peek of Zia’s new endorsement.. can you guess?

Sneak peek of Zia’s new endorsement.. can you guess?

Marian Rivera-Dantes recently did a sitdown interview with the press. Where they told Marian that Dingdong seem to be more in love with her.

“It seems that your husband Dingdong is in love with you even more now. He looks at you as a very sexy woman, although you really are sexy and he is so proud of you. It seem like that’s the way he is around you, he is so fond and inlove with you.

Marian said that that’s the way married couple should be.

“Well, i think thats what a married couple should be, especially when you bare fruit of your love, you should love and understand eachother more.” She said.

She added “He knows that my attention is on both Zia and him, because for me he is my baby first and Zia is the second.”

And now Marian will give birth in a few months with her 3rd baby. A baby boy. Marian is currently on the 6th month of her pregnancy.

There are netizens who sees Dingding and Marian and they quickly recognize them. They always admire the sweetness of their family.

“We are like that in and out of our house. What else would I ask for, being with my family and to have the chance to have a time to bond with them, its really important to me.” Marian said.

One of their bonding moments are doing TVCs together, Marian recently shared a photo of Zia from their latest TVC.

And just last night, Nido releases this photo. “3 na siya, ready na siya for Nido +3.” They wrote.

I think we all know who’s this beautiful baby girl is. And we will ge to see her new TVC on January 13.

We are all so excited! Congrats Ate Zia!