Celebrities show support for Kris aquino

Celebrities show support for Kris aquino

Some personalities in showbiz reach a message to Kris Aquino about the different issues Kris Aquino faced right now.

The actress fly to Singapore to have a check up because of her health issues.

Kris said that she will be gone for two weeks to undergo these tests. Its is connected to the reason why Kris frequent posts on Instagram.

On her Instagram live last saturday, Kris admitted that she have to undergo a checkup due to her health concerns.

The worst case she can image is the possibilty of her having a lupus.

According to Kris, her health is mostly affected because of her dispute with Nico Falcis, the former managing director in her digital company Kris C Aquino Productions (KCAP)

Nicko is the talet agent and endorsement closer of Kris in a span of one and a half year. Their feud comes to a legal case.

Before 2018 ends, Kris file a case against Nicko with a complaint of 44 accounts of theft because of Nicko’s allegedly using KCAP credit card to pay his personal expenses without Kris consent.

Nicko deny the claims of the actress-host against him. 0Nicko said that Kris threat him his life.

in relation to this, Kris talent manager Lolit Solis and Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. show their support for the actress.

In her long Instagram post this January 8, Lolit Solis agve her full support on Kris battle againstn Nicko.

The veteran showbiz columnist and talent manager said, Kris may be known for her bluntess but shes the kind if person who will accused someone without a solid truth.


“One this I can say, Kris is not someone who accuse other people without proof, to put one down, so when she says that she is sure and especially if it is a sensitive issue, her accusations were true.” Lolit shared on her post.

She added, “I will always stand by my belief that Kris doesnt have any mean bones.”

According to the DFA Secretary Locsin, the people who arent on Kris side are just jealous of her.

The tweet of the former journalist include, ‘People against Kris are just fucking envious of her wealth, her looks and her work ethic – she never stops working, her succes and her pedigree. Period.”

Krsi gave thanks to Teddy Boy in her tweet, :”As always come what may, you have my back. Thank you but this time as DFA Secretary- no need Teddyboy. You gave me 40+ years of true friendship.”

On the other hand, Nicko ganed sympathy from the actress Gretchen Barreto and actor Enchong Dee.

Last weekend, Gretchen post a message on Instagram as a support for Nicko.

The actress also posted a statys with a message, “Stop bullying” and “No powertripping.”

Enchong give a like to the post.

Related to Kris sistuations right now, especially her health, artist around social media send her support.

The artists who gave her support are; Angel Locsin, Kim Chiu, Sunshine Cruz, Angeline Quinto, Lorna Tolentino, Dimple Romana, Candy Pangilinan and K Brossas.

Angel commented, “Ate you can get through it, youve been through a lot and yet you overcome all of them. We are here for you and praying for yout to feel better.”

Kris daughter like friend Kim also shared sympathy to her.

Get well soonest Ms. Kris.