Marian Rivera has new talent

Marian Rivera reveal a new talent today

Marian: Not really, actually every jewelry you will buy in Kultura x Marian Rivera, there is a percentage that will go to charity.

Press: What charity?
Marian: Smile Train

Press: Ah, smile train. Ok. So when did you discover that designing is one of your talents?

Marian: I wont say it as a talent because i think all girls like jewelry and I think all girls wears accessories.

Press: So what is your inspiration in that?,

Marian: My inspiration is myself and the things i like. I like simple things, I dont like complicated designs. Of course the flower design will always be there.

Press: What is that? Can you draw it?

Marian: I told them, and they actually send me the shape and sizes of the pearls. Then I suggested the colors we should use and the colors i choose are my favorites which is green and red.

Press: So it seems like in Kultura, they are giving you freedom.

Marian: Yes, and I said to myself that maybe after this, I need to venture in this kind of business. Well they have a next one already, but I said to them that this is just it for now, one at a time.

Press: So what is the name of that jewelry line? Marian Rivera?

Marian: No, its Kultura x Marian Rivera. So when they go to Kultura they need to find this Kultura x Marian or designed by Marian.

Press: Would it be sold sold out right away?

Marian: I hope so.

Press: You are fond of pearls, how much is the cost?

Marian: The prices are reasonable and it depends on the design because some of the designs have a dot of diamonds in them that why some are price but its a fair price.

Press: Do you once dream to be a sales lady when you were a child because you can be. You liked jewelries much.

Marian: There are no woman who doesnt like jewelries, I feel like it is in a womans nature to like them.