Vice Ganda’s sweet message for Dingdong Dantes

Vice Ganda’s sweet message for Dingdong Dantes

Vice Gands returned praises with Dingdong Dantes whom she worked with in the movie Fantastica.

We recall that Dingdong praises first Vice ganda in his post on Instagram last Sunday.

In the comment section in the said post of Dingdong, Vive gave her thanks and admiration to the actor.

he admitted that he was an old fan of Dingdong and his wife Marian Rivera.

“Thank you so much, from the start and until now I am still a fan. You are of of the celebrities I admire the most and wanted to meet ever since And until now, I secretly lay my eyes on you like a normal fan would do and added to my suprise when your wife Marian Rivera came to the set,” said Vice.

According to the host of It’s Showtime, her dreams do come true and she is lucky to work with her idol.

In the end, Vice greeted Dingdong for the success of their movie.

“It is very lucky for a fan like me to be with and work with the artist I admire. Dreams do come true. Thank for the opportunity!!! and CONGRATULATIONS to all of us. Victory is ours!” she said.

In the past interview with MMFF spokesperson Noel Ferrer, he said that Fantastica and Jack Em Popoy” Pulis Credibles starring Vic Sotto, Coco Martin and Maine Mendoza are on top of the list of block busters.

As of the moment Fantastica earned P400 Million and Jack En Poy earned P200 Million. While Aurora in 3rd place with P100 Million.