Take a look at Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s apartment in New York

Take a look at Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s apartment in New York

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray postes on her Instagram account that she visited the Miss Universe Headquarters in New York City.

Catriona’s first TV appearance is Love with Kelly & Ryan hosted by Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. It will be held on January 7th.

According to the ticketing office for the live show, tickets are now sold out as many has been waiting for Catriona’s first live interview.

Pinoys in New York City is not the only one interested on watching Catriona, even Americans are looking foward for her guesting. Right after they announce that Catriona will be guesting the tickets sold out fast.

Catriona already moved to her New York City Apartment where she will be living for a year as she carry on with her Miss Universe assignments.

“Refreshed from a quiet holiday season with my loved ones. I’ve packed up my home in Manila and now I’m ready to move to my new home in New York City. I still can’t believe it!

I have to say i’m most nervous about experiencing the chill of NYC in winter but would love to know. What are your recommendations to see, do and eat?! Let me know in the comments below!!

Here’s a tour of Catriona Gray’s apartment:

The hallway is so regal. A perfect fit to Miss Universe.

Here’s the entertainment area.

Lounge area where Cat can hang out with her flat mate Miss Usa.

The kitchen.

One of the 3 bed rooms.

Good Luck Catriona!

Source: pinoy Network