Dingdong’s baby sister who was mistaken as his love child.

Dingdong’s baby sister who was mistaken as his love child.

Years ago there were rumors circling around that Dingdong Dantes had a love child. Well, it’s actually his baby sister.

Before Zia came to Dingdong’s life there’s a baby girl in the family who everyone thought was Dingdong’s own daughter. His baby sister surprise him during his guesting at one of abscbn’s talk show.

“Well, we have a surprise with Dingdong, we have his youngest sibling with us right now. Vicki Dantes. Wow she’s very pretty.” They said.

Dingdong was very surprised to see his baby sister.

“Why is it that everyone thought vicki is your daughter?” They asked.

Dingdong explained, “When i was 18 years old, she was born. Zo if you think about it, it was really possible. Sometimes we went to the mall and people would think she is my daughter.

Vicki added, “When we go to the mall people would stop and ask him, ‘is she your daughter?'”.

They showed photos of Dindong and Vicki years ago and they look so much alike.

Cool Big Brother

Dingdong also fetch Vicki from school.

“Yeah, he used to fetch me in his motorcycle. Even though i’m wearing a uniform i was very excited to ride in his motorcycle.” Vicki said.

“Is your brother strict if you have suitors?”

“He’s actually very cool. He’s a cool brother.”

Whenever your kuya dingdong and ate marian are busy is it true that you look after Zia?

Vicki said she and her Mom look after Zia. And she loves spending time with Zia.

Dingdong shared a story that when Zia was born, Vicki was at the hospital.

“She was one of the first people to meet Zia. She was at the hospital for Zia’s birth, so instantly there’s an attachment.

“Super! I enjoy playing with her. Because it doesn’t feel like you are playing with a child. I never felt that i am looking after a child.”

Even though Dingdong and Vicki has 17 years age gap they are very close with eachother. And Vicki has a surprise for his Kuya. Here’s the full video.

Video from Magandang Buhay.