Dingdong Dantes sweet words for his family will melt your heart

Dingdong Dantes sweet words for his family will melt your heart

Dingdong Dantes have something to say for his family. And it will make you wish to clone him.

He is not only a great actor, and humanitarian but most of all he is a great family man.

Dingdong gave a message to his family during his guesting with AbsCbn’s morning talk show Magandang Buhay. Hosted by Carla, Jolina and Melay.

Dingdong Dantes message to their upcoming baby boy.

“I dont know what name to give you yet. Just relax, because the world youre about to enter will be happy and always think that life is great. Because if that is your first mind set, you will have a good outlook in life and you will treat others very well,” Dingdong’s message for his upcoming baby boy during his guesting in Magandang Buhay.

The actor was asked to give a message to his wife Marian and their daughter Zia.

For Marian he said, ” Especially now that she’s pregnant, I can see clearly what her purpose in life.

“Maybe being an artist only paved way or become the entry point for me to meet her and to be married together. Buut what she wanted to happen the most is rhe have her own family, to have children.

“Her role being a mother, is well played. I admire her dedication. I will support you for better or for worse, and I love you always.”

Dingdong added a message for Zia, “Dont be so makulit, your play mate is coming soon.”

The actor admitted being very excited for their baby boy to come.

Well, we are very excited too! To have a little Dingdong! Marian is currently on her 5th month of pregnancy. Hence she is expected to give birth on April 2019.