Dingdong Dantes gave an update on Marian Rivera’s pregnancy

Dingdong Dantes gave an update on Marian Rivera’s pregnancy

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera Dantes is currently pregnant with her second child with Dingdong Dantes.

A baby boy! Who many speculate will be named after his father, Dingdong’s real name is Jose Sixto Dantes III. So if ever their baby boy will be Jose Sixto Dantes IV.

When asked about Marian’s pregnancy, he said that Marian is doing fine. “She’s ok, but it’s different from her firt prenancy with Zia.”

Maybe because Marian is having a baby boy that is why her second pregnancy is not like her first one.

Dingdong said, Marian needs a solid support, “She need a sold support group. She really needs it.”

He also said that they will not travel outside the country for the time being. They will just stay at home until Marian gives birth to their baby boy.

Marian is expectes to give birth in April 2019.

In other news, Dingdong shared his next possible movie after Fantastica. Since Dingdong has done almost every movie genre. What’s next for him?

Dingdong shared he was just in a meeting with star cinema, and he will next probably do a horror movie.

“I had a meeting with star cinema. They have some intersting movies lined up for me. They are pitching some great movies.”

Did he find something he likes to do? “There is..” he answers.

Abscbn employees are very happy that Dingdong is doing movies with Star Cinema. Because they always get to see him there.

Dingdong is also very well loved by Abscbn, which is very rare for an artist to get the love and support of both rival networks.

It’a like having the best of both worlds, and Dingdong deserves it. He’s not only an amazing actor but also an amazing human being.