Zia is a beautiful island girl

Zia is a beautiful island girl

The Dantes family Dingdong, Marian and Zia have a family bonding in Siargao and this is when the pictorial of Marian Rivera with her rainbow colored swimwear happen.

Despite being pregnant, the actress still looks like the goddess of showbiz. She is still flawless and sexy. She is still a hot mommy, and her sex appeal is still on peak.

There are also some photos of Zia that surfaced from the vacation and everyone is gushing how beautiful she is.

Zia seem to love the beach as well, just like her parents. Zia were seen playing at the beach.

Playing with new friends..

Learning how to balance in a surfboard..

Meeting new people..

She love the island life..

Dingdong said that he wants Zia to explore and experience many things. He wants Zia to figure out what she truly loves.

And he will be ther to support her every step of the way.