Dingdong Dantes pays tribute to his Fantastica co-stars

Dingdong Dantes pays tribute to his Fantastica co-stars

Dingdong Dantes is posting tributes for his Fantastica co-stars Richard Gutierrez, Ryan Bang and Vice Ganda.

He first posted a tribute to his Euro Monkeys brother Richard Gutierrez.

“It’s an honor to finally share the stage with my EM brother, Richard Gutierrez. After knowing each other for almost 2 decades, what better time to team up than this MMFF holiday season. The sharing of life stories and motorcycle rides off cam were as fun as shooting those hilarious scenes in our movie, Fantastica. Looking forward to our next collaboration.” He posted.

Richard replied to him, “Thanks Brother.”

Next, Dingdong posted a tribute to Ryan Bang.

“It was a lot of fun working with Ryan Bang. He is not only a comedian infront of the camera. His sense of humor is even better in real life. It’s literally “No dull moment” when i’m with him. I’m happy to have found a new friend in him.”

Ryan Bang replied to Dong, “Awwwww thank you so much kuya Dong. Let’s go on a korean date one of these days.”

You are Fantatic!

Lastly he posted a tribute to Vice Ganda.

“While aboard the #Fantastica float a couple of days before Christmas, @praybeytbenjamin mentioned to me that no so long ago, he was included witht hose thousand of people waiting to watch the MMFF caravan which is near FEU.”

Like many other people, he was fascinated everytime he sees a celebrity that goes by in the parade and he will never forget about it.

Would you ever expect it? Oh destiny. A former audience who watches the float parade to the artist who waves from the float and beinng watch by many people.

Thank you so much Vice for giving me an oppportunity to know why you are being loved by millions of people.

After my experience to work with you, i can tell to myself ‘ Ah thats why,’ You give so much of yourself to that difficult quest of entertaining people who need it the most- at the right place at the right time.

PT Barnun once said, “The noblest artist is that of making others happy.” Its not easy, but you always wing it. Congratulations you are fantastic!

“Thank you so much, from the start and until now I am still a fan. You are of of the cleebrities I admire the most and wanted to meet ever since. Until now, I secretly lay my eyes on you like a normal fan would do and added to my suprise when your wife Marian Rivera came to the set.

It is very luky for a fan like me to be and work with the artist I admire. Dreams do come true. Thank for the opportunity! Congratulations to all of us. Victory is ours.”

Fantastica is still showing nationwide!